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Let us be your go-to for Information Technology Services,
Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance Platforms, and Business Management.

At Bailey Information Technology Consultants, LLC, we take pride in providing our customers with high quality services personalized for their unique needs.

We offer full spectrum IT integration service, including tier helpdesk support, enterprise architecture, design, and security accreditation on DOD and IC systems. Let us be your go-to for Information Technology Services, Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance Platforms, and Business Management.

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Information Technology

Cloud Support Services (AWS/C2S)

The AWS cloud provides scalable cost-efficient solutions for the US Federal Government. Our cloud services can be employed to meet mandates, reduce costs, drive efficiencies, and increase innovation across Civilian agencies and the Department of Defense. Our experienced technicians and engineers proactively provide support on preparing Cloud environment for application, Cloud security testing, disaster recovery, performance optimization and assisting in troubleshooting application specific issues. We strive to deliver to up-to-date technology resources that are managed by industry leading experts.


Test Support Packages (TTSPs) consisting of approved training material with individual, collective, and unit tasks, Doctrine and Tactics Training (DTT), Training Test Certification Plans (TTCP), Operational Test Readiness Statement-Training (OTRS-T), and the System Training Plan (STRAP) for each system test. The TTSP will outline the methods and procedures used to evaluate and certify individual and collective training (the who, where, and how training will be certified). Upon approval at the senior management level, each TTSP will be provided to the test agency conducting the operational test and evaluation in both draft and final formats based on the timeline set in the Test Resource Plan (TRP).

System Engineering

BIT Consultants, is a leading technology integrator that provides full lifecycle services and solutions in the technical, engineering, and enterprise information technology markets. We apply our unique integration methods and techniques to assist government and commercial agencies build and integrate some of the world’s most complex information technology, communications, and mission systems on time and within budget.
Our services include:
• System design, development, and testing
• Technology and equipment platform integration
• Technical documentation preparation
• Technologies and solutions for marine environments

IT Enterprise Support

As a trusted systems integrator, BIT Consultants, provides information technology (IT), systems engineering, professional services, simulation and training to customers in the defense, federal civilian government, health, homeland security, intelligence, state and local government and commercial sectors. With professionals worldwide, we deliver IT enterprise solutions, manages large-scale, mission-critical IT programs and provide mission support services.
Our Enterprise IT Support and Consolidation services include:
• Designing an enterprise-wide framework for implementation
• Determining a strategy for change and risk management
• Developing and implementing a communication plan
• Consolidation/standardization/virtualization of hardware and software in a phased manner
• Testing and improving performance as resources are consolidated
• Implementation of best practices and common methodologies
• Use of Integrated Product Teams (IPTs) across contractors

Database Design and Implementation

The first step of database design is developing a conceptual data structure that satisfies your processing requirements. Once the type of database and optional functions that best suit your application's processing requirements are identified, a series of decisions about database design and use of options are needed. We have the expertise to manage and resolve all your data base requirements.

Systems Administration

BIT Consultants offers attractive options providing the entire spectrum of system management tasks in packages that simplifies management of your IT environment. On-site support staff or remote service, we personally manage your system activity employing ESP for constant monitoring and immediate notification of trouble spots by industry experts who have a vested interest in your success.
Specialized offerings include:
• Comprehensive system administration service
• System configuration to a known state
• Complete system monitoring
• Regular status reports
• On-site configuration of your systems for remote administration
• Knowledge transfer of site configuration and procedures for requesting changes

Technical Support and Enterprise Helpdesk

Today, we provide 24-hour supervision for government customer’s enterprise service desk (ESD), which includes customer call center and managing mission essential services. BIT Consultants understands how to manage unresolved service desk requests to ensure they are routed to the appropriate support organizations, as well as ensuring that all incidents are promptly and accurately documented in the incident tracking system. We have teamed with other help desks at the customer location to provide a single virtual service desk to the customer community. As a result, we developed a high caliber support plan that will provide services more efficiently and decrease costs.

Software Development & Programming

Define and develop. Code and test. Integrate and sustain. Whatever it is that you like most about the software life cycle, we're working on it every day. We even have specialized facilities for the conceptualization, development, integration or simulation of complex systems. This is how, as part of our Software Development or Engineering team, we can help take on the world’s most important and complex challenges. Empowered with cutting-edge technology, well lead efforts in order to conduct and coordinate software development teams, integrate software programs with hardware, or even design networks that connect computer systems people rely on around the globe.
We offer more than a few options to specialize in:
• Database Administrators
• Embedded Software Engineers
• Modeling & Simulation Software Engineers
• Real-Time Software Engineers
• Software Architects
• Service-Oriented Architects (SOAs)
• Systems Administrators
• Web Developers

Network Engineering

Our network engineers will support our customers in managing and integrating network operating systems to meet your needs and requirements. BIT Consultants will provide a platform for hardware and software implementation from inception to roll-out. Let us be your start-to-finish solution provider.

Business Management

Facilities Management

At BIT Consultants, we take on the world’s most important and complex challenges, and it wouldn’t be possible without our Facilities, Administration & Support team. We see facilities as a critically important aspect of business support that involves a wider range of activities than just business services. Realizing each of our clients’ unique requirements, BIT Consultants ensures that the core competencies of facility management (communication, emergency preparedness and business continuity, diligent environmental stewardship and sustainability, and finance and business expertise) are solidly supported by the optimal identification, consideration, and combination of human factors, leadership and strategy, operations and maintenance requirements, project management, quality control and assurance, a combination of real estate and property management expertise, and innovative use of technology. BIT Consultants provides cost-effective, value added, sustainable facility management and infrastructure support services customized to our clients’ needs while creating rewarding career opportunities for our employees and reasonable returns for our shareholders. BIT Consultants sustain peak efficiency in our clients’ facilities while maintaining safety and comfort for the tenants.
Our integrated offerings include:
• Project Engineering
• Production Control
• Risk Management
• Facilities Engineering
• Facility Construction
• Field Engineering
• Industrial Engineering
• Space/Strategic Planning
• Tactical Maintenance
• Mil Con- Management
• Policy and Governance Framework
• Environmental Studies and Justifications
• Feasibility Assessments
• Environmental health and safety
• Life cycle asset management
• Post Engineering Management
• Administrative Support
• Custodial Services

Staff Augmentation

By using our staff augmentation we can help you achieve a number of business goals including faster speed-to-market, industry and technical experience that accelerates the quality and speed of development, and avoiding the cost and time required for internal training and skill development.

Administrative Support

Our Management Solutions create step changes in performance by embedding in your organization's operations, a proven discipline to accelerate learning and capture and reusing knowledge as "an integral part of the way you work" enabling you to adapt and execute.

Training & Curriculum Management

Never before have the talent, skills, and experience of individuals been as critical to organizational performance, sustainable missions and business success as they are today. At BIT Consultants, we help organizations establish that expertise and maintain that excellence. Whether your need is for advanced training in military operations, cyber security, technology-based simulation, healthcare or professional development, BIT Consultants has a training solution that will meet your requirements and help your organization accomplish their mission.

Interactive and Custom Learning

Irrespective of the industry, geography, or job, the one constant in mission success and organizational excellence is the quality and performance of the people who sell for, service, support, manage, and lead the organization. Our experienced professionals provide full life-cycle training solutions to a broad range of government, defense and commercial customers using a variety of delivery platforms.  We foster continuing partnerships in support of training objectives and have earned an excellent reputation for infusing technology into all aspects of learning and helping clients achieve critical business objectives.

Training Strategy and Analysis

Training Strategy from BIT Consultants cuts across a wide spectrum of strategic learning issues. We can help you answer concerns that may impact training department’s ability to optimally organized, or see organizational design needs. If more important and help with identify the need for change and how to best incorporate it as it relates to new business processes, new systems, new products, or merger and acquisition planning.  BIT Consultants has extensive experience in the analysis of curricula, programs, job roles, organizational structures and learning needs. These analysis skills have been highly developed along with a structured process that is clear, measureable, and focused on tangible outputs and results

Curriculum Management

We pride ourselves in create the process through which educators and administrators collaborate on the creation, development, design, review, approval, assessment, and refinement of learning content to achieve desired student outcomes.

Doctrine Management

We provide operational architecture development, architecture integration, data management, and data visualization support to government agencies and the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC). These services, provided will enable our customer to support expanded capabilities development across the doctrine, organization, training, material, leadership, personnel, and facilities domains.

Lessons Learned

Our team of experts know how to address customer’s objectives and provide a technical discussion on selected lessons learned and critical issues. Lessons-learned topics address system portability, common user interface, database access, networking concurrent engineering workstation requirements, and concurrent engineering design process changes and other critical phases of a given objective.

Requirement Management

We do this best! -  Requirements management is a critical link to any system. The process of documenting, analyzing, tracing, prioritizing and agreeing on requirements and then controlling change and communicating to relevant stakeholders. It is a continuous process throughout a project.

Instructor led Training

BIT Consultants, considers the classroom experience to be the foundation of our Integrated Learning Approach and we continue to make it more enriching, dynamic and valuable for students and businesses:
Instruction expertise:
• Lectures
• Demonstrations
• Hands-on practice
• Valuable student and peer interaction
• Online resources to use during and after class

Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) Platforms

C4I Systems Integration

Our proven experience with C4 systems engineering and integration allows us to engineer effective command and control solutions. We ensure that the right information is made available to the right person at the right time, even when the parties are worlds away from one another.

Counter Intelligence

Security Planning and Policy Development

Our engineers will help your organization reduce your exposure, develop IT business continuity plans and make testing such plans a normal aspect of your IT operations. Our experienced engineers and SME’s with policy expertise know how to take the client’s work and put it into application in order to support any organization's business goals. We understands the interaction of technology with policy and operations. We help recognize and deploy IT strategies and workflow. To that end, we will ensure processes for security work in concert with continuity of operations plans order to address any threat.

Critical Incident and Response

We have extensive experience assisting legal and law enforcement teams with complex cases, and we've responded to numerous high-profile corporate cases of computer crime. Our experienced staff have created support response teams who are on-call to address serious cyber-attacks, intrusions, and insider-threat incidents.

Malware Engineering

With extensive experience in reverse engineering and malicious code analysis, our experts provide analysis of assembly language from all major platforms. Our expertise in malware analysis and reverse engineering supports our research, incident response, and product development. They have a deep practical and theoretical understanding of tools and tradecraft from across the industry.

Computer Forensics

We bring a deep bench of expertise in the area of Computer forensics. We understand the need for computer investigation and analysis techniques to collect evidence regarding what happened on a computer that is admissible in a court of law. We know Computer forensics requires a well-balanced combination of technical skills, legal acumen, and ethical conduct. Our Computer forensics specialists use powerful software tools to uncover data to be sorted through, and then must figure out the important facts and how to properly present them in a court of law.
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