We put the puzzle pieces together.

We offer a range of streamlined single-source procurement solutions through the BIT Consultants GSA IT Schedule.

By bringing high-quality performance and reliable services to the contracting marketplace, BIT Consultants support and improve our clients' mission performance and goals. Please find a list of our contract vehicles, NAICS codes, sole source contracting, and pricing below.

Contract Vehicles

IT Schedule 70:

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) IT Schedule 70 is the largest, most widely used acquisition vehicle in the federal government.

Schedule IT 70 is an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) multiple award schedule, providing direct access to products, services and solutions from more than 5,000 certified industry partners. Award of a Schedule contract signifies that the GSA has determined that the vendor's pricing is fair and reasonable and the vendor is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Purchasing from pre- approved vendors allows agencies to cut through red tape and receive goods and services faster. Contracts can be renewed three times, which means the vendor could potentially have a 20-year contract. IT Schedule 70 offers federal, state and local governments innovative solutions to their information technology needs.

We understand that the procurement process can be daunting, so we work diligently to streamline the process and maximize results. Below are IT Schedule 70's Solutions and Special Item Numbers (SINs) categorized based on government mandates, industry evolution, and buying trends that we have identified.

GSA IT Schedule 70 rates

Cloud IT Services

Computer and Networking Hardware

Cyber Security

Data Center and Storage

IT Mandates and Initiatives

Satellite Services

SmartBuy: Commercial Software Solutions

Software and Applications


Systems Life Cycles Integration

Telecommunications, Wireless, and Mobility


SeaPort e:

Navy's electronic platform for acquiring support services in 22 functional areas including Engineering, Financial Management, and Program Management.

The Navy Systems Commands (NAVSEA, NAVAIR, SPAWAR, NAVFAC, and NAVSUP), the Office of Naval Research, Military Sealift Command, and the United States Marine Corps compete their service requirements amongst 2400+ SeaPort-e IDIQ multiple award contract holders. The SeaPort-e portal provides a standardized, efficient means of soliciting offers from amongst the diverse population of large and small businesses and their approved team members. Simply stated, SeaPort-e provides an efficient and effective means of contracting for professional support services and enhancing small business participation.


BIT Consultant's 8(a) sole source contract vehicle provides agencies with a simplified and shortened acquisition procedure.

Through the program, clients can receive sole-source contracts, up to $4 million for goods and services and $6.5 million for manufacturing. BIT Consultants utilizes these tools to ensure optimal client performance, giving clients the added edge to thrive in a competitive business landscape.


Commercial Pricing List

Effective 16 March 2015: Bailey Information Technology Consultants, LLC (BITC) pricing is applicable to both commercial accounts as well as for the United States Government. Services are provided per the terms and conditions in the BITC Standard Terms and Conditions.

Information Systems Security Engineering Network/System Engineering
BITC-ICND-LC1 - ISSE/CND – L1 Support - $175.00 per hour BITC-NSYSE-LC1 - Network/Systems Eng. – L1 Support - $125.00 per hour
BITC-ICND-LC2 - ISSE/CND – L2 Support - $225.00 per hour BITC-NSYSE-LC2 - Network/Systems Eng. – L2 Support - $155.00 per hour
BITC-ICND-LC3 - ISSE/CND – L3 Support - $235.00 per hour BITC-NSYSE-LC3 - Network/Systems Eng. – L3 Support - $185.00 per hour
Project Management System Engineering
BITC-PJM-LC1 - Project Manager – L1 Support - $169.00 per hour BITC-SENG-LC1 - Systems Engineering – L1 Support - $165.00 per hour
BITC-PJM-LC2 - Project Manager – L2 Support - $130.00 per hour BITC-SENG-LC2 - Systems Engineering – L2 Support - $205.00 per hour
BITC-PGM-LC1 - Program Manager – L1 Support - $201.00 per hour BITC-SENG-LC3 - Systems Engineering – L3 Support - $225.00 per hour
BBITC-PGM-LC2 - Program Manager – L2 Support - $235.00 per hour
Software Engineering General Engineering/Analysts
BITC-SWENG-LC1 - Software Engineering – L1 Support - $130.00 per hour BITC-EA-LC1 - IT Engineering/Analysis – L1 Support - $120.00 per hour
BITC-SWENG-LC2 - Software Engineering – L2 Support - $160.00 per hour BITC-EA-LC2 - IT Engineering/Analysis – L2 Support - $150.00 per hour
BITC-SWENG-LC3 - Software Engineering – L3 Support - $195.00 per hour BITC-EA-LC3 - IT Engineering/Analysis – L3 Support - $185.00 per hour
Adjudicator/Security Specialist Case Manager
BITC-ADJ - Adjudicator – L1 Support - $150.00 per hour BITC-CMR - Case Manager – L1 Support - $115.00 per hour
BITC-ADJ - Adjudicator – L2 Support - $175.00 per hour BITC-CMR - Case Manager– L2 Support - $136.00 per hour
BITC-ADJ - Adjudicator – L3 Support - $205.00 per hour BITC-CMR - Case Manager – L3 Support - $168.00 per hour
Web Development
BITC-TE-LC1 - Tester & Evaluator – L1 Support - $107.87 per hour BITC-WCM-LC1 - Web Content Manager – L1 Support - $98.77 per hour
BITC-TE-LC2 - Tester & Evaluator – L2 Support - $120.58 per hour BITC-WCM-LC2 - Web Content Manager – L2 Support - $117.04 per hour
BITC-TE-LC3 - Tester & Evaluator – L3 Support - $132.16 per hour BITC-WCM-LC3 - Web Content Manager – L3 Support - $133.68 per hour
Rates shown above are applicable to client site or home site based on BITC’s commercial standard terms and conditions. BITC reserves the right to provide additional considerations for sites requiring Govt-site assignments for continuous period of eight or more months. *Prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Sole Source Contracts

Have a critical time sensitive agency need? The ability to rapidly put together a no-bid contract with BIT Consultants may be the solution for your problem. The process is simple and the steps are outlined below:


Discuss SOW

Discuss your program with us so we can establish program requirements; timeframe/schedule; and costs estimates.

Submit Procurement Request

Contact your Contracting Officer (KO), Agency Small Business Specialist for assistance and provide a package that includes the requirements description, estimated period of performance, applicable NAICS code, anticipated dollar value, etc.

Request BIT Consultants as Your Sole Source Negotiators

The KO will send an Offering Letter to the SBA requesting permission to conduct sole source negotiations with BIT Consultants. (BIT Consultants will have notified their Business Opportunity Specialist to expect the package in order to expedite the process.
The SBA confirms eligibility of BIT Consultants and authorizes the negotiations.


The KO sends RFQ or RFP to BIT Consultants, depending on whether the estimate exceeds the Simplified Acquisition Threshold. Upon receipt, KO negotiates cost and terms with BIT Consultants.

Award Contract

Upon completion of negotiations, KO prepares a contract award document and sends to BIT Consultants for signature.
Upon receipt of the executed contract from BIT Consultants, the KO signs the contract and sends it to the SBA.

Start Performance

Contract performance begins.
  • BIT Consultants - SDVOSB Certification
  • BIT Consultants - SWAM Certification
  • BIT Consultants - FSB Certification
  • BIT Consultants - SBA 8(a) Certified
  • BIT Consultants - Veteran Institute for Procurement Graduate
  • BIT Consultants - Certified SBA
  • BIT Consultants - SeaPort-e
  • BIT Consultants - EBV
  • BIT Consultants - DBE
  • BIT Consultants - GSA Contract Holder